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What Debt Collectors Are Not Allowed To Do*:

  • Make false, deceptive or misleading statements to you
  • Call you at work if you have told them you cannot take their calls at work
  • Communicate with anyone other than you or your spouse about the debt
  • Call you repeatedly to annoy or harass you
  • Threaten to take action against you that cannot legally be taken

*This is not a complete list – if you’ve been contacted by a debt collector, call us.

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We know they are contacting you. The question is, why haven’t you contacted us?

Dedicated to Stopping Debt Collections

At The Law Firm of Mitch Luxenburg, our lawyers specialize in protecting people from aggressive debt collection agencies. We understand that collectors can be annoying, but we also want people to know that steps can be taken against debt harassment, to be able to stop calls and possibly collections. Just because you owe someone money doesn’t mean you don’t have rights. Our expert attorneys can help you put an end to incessant creditor phone calls.
Due to certain laws such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), debt collector’s methods of communication are limited, and there can be repercussions if they break the rules. As debt collection experts, we can sort through any debt collector’s action to determine whether they are legal. Afterwards, we will work to stop collector harassment, take counter-legal measures, and possibly stop collections through an aggressive cease and desist letter and other Fair Debt Collections Practices Act methods.

Debt Attorney

Whether you have outstanding credit card bills, have been wrongfully identified, are victim to harassing phone calls, or are behind in your car payments, The Law Firm of Mitch Luxenburg can help. Based in Ohio, we’ve helped several clients in this state and beyond with expert services. Please give us a call so that our attorneys can put a stop to debt collectors.

We can represent consumers in Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina West Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, Michigan, Colorado, Utah, Indiana and Washington, DC.

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    After struggling for two years to fight a battle with collection agencies, I found Luxenburg and Levin. They advised me of my rights, fought for me and won. I couldn't be happier with the results they were able to achieve. They are affectionately known in my household as “The Dream Team.” My family and I cannot thank you all enough for everything you have been able to accomplish for us.

    Elizabeth H., actual North Carolina client
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    The team at Luxenburg & Levin has taken something as stressful as fighting a collection agency who violates the FDCPA, and made it a simple streamlined experience. You really can just put your case in their hands and sit back, knowing that they'll get the job done right. They are a blessing to consumers and a bane to those who use dirty collection tactics.

    Justin W., actual Ohio client
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    This is an excellent Firm. It was nice to have someone who truly was interested in serving me. They were easy to contact and always quick to answer any questions or concerns I had. They were persistent and fought to get me the settlement I deserved.

    Shirley M., actual West Virginia client
Mitch Luxenburg, Founding Partner

Mitch Luxenburg, Founding Partner

The Problem:

In our experience, some collection agencies knowingly violate the law as a calculated risk. They take advantage of the fact that most people don’t know that what the debt collector is doing is illegal and in violation of your rights according to the FDCPA.

The Solution:

Unlawful debt collection practices are a serious violation of your rights. Let us analyze your case and find the debt collector’s violations.

The Result:

  • Debt Collectors will stop harassing you
  • You’ll win a cash settlement.

Most people find it hard to believe but there is never a cost to you.

We look forward to serving you…

And this brings us to our last point, which is enormously important. You can continue getting chased around by debt collectors. Or, if we determine you have a case, we may be able to work together, in which case you don’t have to think about it anymore. You can sleep at night knowing someone isn’t going to continue to harass you and get the satisfaction from knowing we’ll make them pay you!


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Mitch Luxenburg


P.S. Our clients come to us because for our experience in resolving FDCPA cases.
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