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Capital Management Services

Every day, more and more Americans find themselves falling deeper into debt. With the decline in the economy, it’s no wonder that so many individuals are struggling, sometimes jobless, and unable to pay their mounting debts. With debt left unpaid, many of those bills end up in collection, where individuals begin to feel the harassment of debt collectors. If you are one of those individuals, there is help available to you through the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

At The Law Firm of Mitch Luxenburg, we are the consumer protection attorneys that you need. We have years of experience filing claims against companies such as Capital Management Services in order to get them to stop their harassing phone calls and letters. It’s hard enough to not have a way to pay off your debt.  You don’t need to be reminded through humiliating and relentless harassment.

Making it Stop

Capital Management Services is a financial service company that is growing faster than most other firms in the nation. Their professional leadership team has over 55 years of combined experience and they vow to deliver the best recovery results.

Some collection companies use tactics such as harassing phone calls to intimidate consumers into paying off their debts. What they don’t take into account is that you have rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and you do not have to stand bullying from unscrupulous debt collectors.

What We’ll Do for You

At The Law Firm of Mitch Luxenburg, we will evaluate the communication that you have had with the debt collectors to determine whether you have a case against their harassment. We will file the proper claim that will get you a fair settlement and will get the harassing phone calls to stop for good. In some situations, the collections process is halted all together.

Stop Debt Collectors

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