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30 Jan


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Debt May Be Harmful To Your Health

January 30, 2014 | By | No Comments

Debt is something that we may all have to deal with at some point, and it will never be pleasant. What many don’t know, however is that debt impacts more than your pocket book, it can actually put a huge strain on your mental and physical health.

While researchers have long connected the link between debt and stress, new studies have shown new links between debt and other psychological conditions. Researchers from the University of Southhampton found that conditions like neurosis and depression were significantly more common among those with debt compared to those without. The review of 65 studies, published in the journal Clinical Psychology Review, indicated that those who are in debt are three times more likely to face mental health problems, compared to those who aren’t.

The health effects of debt don’t stop there.

A recent study by Northwestern Medicine found that high financial debt is associated with higher blood pressure and poorer self-reported general health. The study was the first to focus on both mental and physical health, focusing on 8,400 young adults, aged 24 to 32.

The study found that young adults with higher debt had a 1.3 percent increase in diastolic blood pressure, which is extremely significant. For example, a 2 percent increase would lead to a 17 percent higher risk of hypertension and a 15 percent higher risk of stroke.

In addition to the effects mentioned, debt is also known to increase levels of anxiety and contribute to outbursts of anger. Many people with debt have reported feelings of worry and stress in other areas of their lives. Debt can put strain on your relationships with others, and most importantly yourself.

Understand that there are many stressors that come along with debt, but the most important thing is how we deal with it.

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