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How To Stop Debt Collectors


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If you are the victim of harassment or abuse by a debt collector, the following tips will help you document your case to give you the best possible chance of success under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. It is not required that you follow these steps in order to pursue a case, but more detail can help maximize your settlement and provide proof of your allegations in court.

The debt collector will likely deny that it did anything wrong, so keeping detailed notes will definitely help you! If you have not followed all of these hints so far, don’t worry. Chances are that we can still help you.

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The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

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  • Save ALL letters and notices you receive from the debt collector, including the envelopes. Don’t throw anything away!
  • Save all recorded voice mail messages from the debt collector (with a date and time stamp if possible) and any written phone messages. We have methods of recording your voice mail messages to our computer system to save as evidence for your case.
  • If you have caller ID (nearly every cell phone plan does these days), take a photo of the caller ID showing the date, time and number from which the debt collector is calling.
  • Keep records of the date and time of all phone calls from the debt collector with notes regarding what was discussed. Be sure to get the name of the person who is calling. Ask for first and last names.
  • Make a chart or “call log” and keep it by your phone. If the debt collector just leaves a message, you can indicate that on your “call log”. Otherwise, make notes of the discussion. Be sure to note any harassment, threats, obscene language, etc. If they demand a payment, make a note of the amount they requested. This “call log” does not have to be anything fancy. Just keep a pen and pad of paper by the phone.
  • If the debt collector is contacting your friends or family members, ask them to make the same notes regarding the calls they receive.
  • Make sure to keep the same notes regarding any calls that were made to you at work. Tell the debt collector – in no uncertain terms – that you do not want to be contacted at work and that your boss or employer does not allow you to take such calls (if that is the case).

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