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National Recovery Agency

As the economy continues to improve, many Americans are looking forward to paying off debts that they accrued in times of hardship. Unfortunately, people who have mounting debts are often taken advantage of and debt collectors will sometimes stoop to unfair debt collection practices.

If you feel like you are being intimidated or are facing unjust harassment from a debt collecting agency, you may need to find an advocate. The Law Firm of Mitch Luxenburg can help protect your rights as specified under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Keeping Debtors on Schedule

The National Recovery Agency provides high quality work for its clients, petitioning debtors to reimburse loan monies and other forms of debt. It can be a tough job. You may be contacted by them if you have a medical, commercial, bank card, or retail debt. We know that you are doing your best to pay your debt but sometimes you may fall a little behind with your scheduled payments.

How It Works

While we understand that companies like the National Recovery Agency are just trying to do their job, we also know that your personal rights are paramount. There is no reason that you should have to deal with harassment from a debt collector while you work hard to pay off your debt. With a simple call, you can:

  • Get a free consultation to discuss your situation
  • Submit your case for a free review by an attorney
  • Pay zero attorney fees if your case is accepted by the firm
  • Receive legal protection concerning the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Work towards becoming debt free without feeling anxious about harassing phones calls or unexpected visits from collectors

Hearing Your Side of the Story

If you would like to address a debt collection situation that might violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, give The Law Firm of Mitch Luxenburg a call at (877) 846-1209. The call is absolutely free, and if your case is accepted, you will pay no attorney fees. This will allow you to pay off your debt quicker and without experiencing distressing and illegal scare tactics.

Stop Debt Collectors

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