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Nations Recovery Center (NRC)

Borrowing money is often the only option people have in order to get the bare necessities. Most people borrow with every intention of paying it back, especially if they have a loan from a lending institution. However, even the best intentions can be foiled by the addition of normal life.

While very few people enjoy being contacted by a debt collector, no one likes to be harassed by collectors who attempt to circumvent the law to get money that is owed to their clients. The majority of harassment that debtors experience is actually illegal according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The Law Firm of Mitch Luxenburg can protect your rights.

Upholding the Law

Collection agencies such as the Nations Recovery Center (NRC) are bound by the restrictions found in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. These restrictions include behaviors such as:

  • Using profane language or resorting to verbally abusing the debtor
  • Making the debtor’s name and address public knowledge
  • Resorting to deception to collect a debt
  • Threatening to arrest the debtor when there is no justification
  • Engaging in telephone conversations repeatedly with the intent to annoy or harass

Finding Help

All of the above behaviors and more are expressly prohibited and if you have experienced them from debt collectors, you have the right to seek relief. We at The Law Firm of Mitch Luxenburg can help you by taking on using the full force of the law to compel your debt collectors to cease their harassment. We know that companies like the Nations Recovery Center (NRC) are only doing their job and rwe espect their desire to be reimbursed for a debt. However, if any debt collector crosses the line, we are here to protect you.

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