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Nationwide Credit

Millions of Americans just like you are perfectly aware that they owe a debt and are doing everything they can to pay it off as quickly as possible, yet that doesn’t stop debt collectors from calling you non-stop and sending harshly worded letters in an attempt to get you to settle your debt. The Law Firm of Mitch Luxenburg is here to protect your rights as a consumer and do everything legally possible to get debt collectors like Nationwide Credit to stop calling and clogging up your mailbox with letters.

Know Your Rights

You might not be aware of something called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Under it, debt collectors aren’t allowed to:

  • Present false, misleading or deceptive claims or statements to you
  • Call you at work if you have asked them not to
  • Repeatedly call you
  • Threaten to take unlawful action against you in an effort to collect a debt
  • Communicate with anyone other than you and your spouse about settling your debt

The Law Firm of Mitch Luxenburg wants to help you get back to a normal life where you aren’t being constantly harassed and inform you of your legal rights. Our attorneys specialize in these types of cases and will stick with you every step of the journey.

We understand that you want to pay off your debt as quickly as possible, and we also understand that you have more immediate financial concerns to worry about. You might still be feeling the effects of the recession, or you might have fallen on hard financial times. In any case, there’s no reason for your load to be any heavier than it has to be with the added weight of relentless debt collectors.

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