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Portfolio Recovery Associates

Dealing with debt has enough inherent problems without pushy debt collection agencies added on top. Portfolio Recovery Associates is a third party company that requests debt payments, and they are required to make sure all of their actions are legal. It is not allowed for debt collectors to harass or intimidate through false representation when attempting to collect debts. If you feel like you are receiving too many harassing phone calls concerning your debt, you may be able to get help from us at Luxenburg & Lavin.

We specialize in protecting people from illegal debt collection practices. We know that companies such as Portfolio Recovery Associates have a right to collect a debt from you, and that they will endeavor to do so within legal means. As long as companies abide by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), then there is no need for our protection.

Legal Debt Collection

We understand that you are doing your best to make your payments and to pay your debts, which is why it can be frustrating to face illegal harassment from debt collection agents. Portfolio Recovery Associates is prepared to collect debts for their clients by following the rules laid down in the FDCPA.

How We can Help You

Luxenburg & Lavin provides the services that you need to get out from under the harassment of a debt collector. By calling us, you will receive:

  • A free consultation concerning your case
  • Information about the practices that debt collectors can and cannot use
  • Possible legal representation with one of our attorneys
  • No consultation fees or attorney’s fees if we represent your case

Contact Us to get Started

Our goal is to make sure that you have the environment you need in order to repay your debts in a timely manner, without harassing phone calls or overeager debt collectors. To receive your free consultation, call Luxenburg & Lavin at (877) 846-1209. If you would like to get started right away, you can begin by filling out our online form. If we are able to take your case, you will not be required to pay any attorney’s fees at all.

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