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12 Feb


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There’s an App for That

February 12, 2014 | By | No Comments

Money management tools have never been more accessible than they are to current Smartphone users. With the help of these apps you not only have access to your bank accounts, but you’re able to pay your bills and track your credit cards all from the palm of your hand. Forget the pen and paper, you can literally see your personal financial overview on the same device you use to call your mom. Start with these three apps, and soon you will be on your way to a more organized financial place.

Name of App: Mint

Price: Free

Device: iPhone, Andriod & iPad

There’s no question why Mint made the Mac App Store’s Best of 2012 list. This sleek and user friendly app allows you to visualize your finances while also providing you with tools to create budgets and track your progress. What’s cool, too, is that when you are developing the budgets they are actually based on your spending and then are adjustable (no kidding yourself!). The cash versus credit extra also gives you a full picture of your credit card balances and compares it to the cash you have to pay them off.

Name of App: DailyCost

Price: $1.99

Device: Apple products only

If you want to focus more on your expenses, DailyCost is a great option. With a variety of categories, this app allows users to input all of their day-to-day expenses. Its cool features allow you to view graphs and statistics on your spending. You can also track your expenditures monthly and weekly by category, so you can see where your money is truly going.

Name of App: Check

Price: Free

Device: iPhone, Andriod & iPad

If you’re one of those who is late on their bill payments Check is the app for you. This app sets up reminders to let you know when it’s time to pay your bills and gives you the option to pay on the spot. By connecting with all of your bank accounts (don’t worry, the app is encrypted), this app allows you to schedule payments in advance right from your phone. It’s super convenient and a great way to keep your time and money management under control.

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